The Friends of the Charlesgate is a group of concerned residents, businesses  and institutions living and working in the environs of the historic Charlesgate Park in the Back Bay/Kenmore neighborhoods of Boston.

The Friends are deeply concerned with the current disrepair as well as the future of this once lovely parkland. We are opposed to the potential rebuild of the Bowker Overpass which destroyed the park below when initially constructed in 1967. Instead, we are proposing that the Overpass be removed completely, returning traffic to land based routes.

We ultimately are working to see that the Charlesgate Park be restored to the natural parkland beauty it once was as envisioned by the great landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. We hope to see the Park returned to its status as the ‘crown jewel’ of Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace as the gateway to the Charles River.

Why has this organization been formed?

This diverse group has come together to persuade the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) and the City of Boston that it is in the interests of the neighborhood, the city and the state to see that the Charlesgate Park (and the neighboring open spaces) be restored to its natural parkland beauty.

How will we accomplish this?

We plan to bring our personal, political, commercial and legal resources to bear on the planning process. We will demand input into any engineering design proposals for the Bowker Overpass and the Charlesgate Park and into any construction projects ultimately approved for the area of the park.

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